Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Set

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  • Brand: Yves Saint Laurent
  • Product No: 1194747 / 30296061

Yves Saint Laurent signs a new opus of addiction with the feminine fragrance Black Opium. The shot of adrenalin of a glamorous yet impertinent heroin, always looking for more - Addictive? Definitely. Black Opium is a unique addictive oriental gourmand floral where the electrifying energy of black coffee meets the assertive femininity of white flowers in a vibrant and sensual contrast of light and dark. This fragrance full of mystery and energy comes with its perfect sized body lotion, for flying the world light as the air.

Alcohol by volume [% AbV]: 68

Manufacturer information: L'Oreal S.A.,Rue Royale 14,75008 Paris,FR

Warnings: Avoid eye contact. Keep away from direct heat and sunlight.