Tony's Chocolonely Fairtrade Milk Chocolate with at least 32% cacao solids and hazelnuts. Made in Belgium. 240g

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"This green one is wonderful combo of 32% Fairtrade milk chocolate and at least 10% hazelnuts. Did you know that we totally politcally incorrect put Togo and Benin together in our unequally divided bar, because otherwise they wouldn't fit hazelnuts?


Hello there, we're Tony's Chocolonely. We exist to end modern slavery and illegal child labor in the chocolate industry. Our vision is 100% slave-free chocolate. Not just our chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide. The more people join us and share our story, the sooner 100% slave-free chocolate becomes the norm. The choice is yours. Are you in? Join us at"




Country of origin: Belgium

Ingredients: Sugar, 20,70% dried whole milk, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, hazelnuts 10%, emulsifier: soya lecithin.

Allergens: Contains milk and soy

Seal of quality: Fairtrade

Manufacturer information: Tony's Chocolonely Nederland B.V.,Polonceaukade 20,1014 DA Amsterdam,NL

Warnings: May contain: gluten, egg, peanut and nuts.

Storage conditions: "Store in a dark room with temperature between 12 °C and 19 °C. Do not store with strong-smelling products."