Mozart-Kugel Dark Chocolate 10pcs Bag

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At Reber, true confectionery craftsmanship, traditional family recipes and exquisite, natural ingredients set the tone. All this with just one goal: to give you the perfect Reber enjoyment moment with every single Reber Confiserie!

Ingredients: Sugar, almonds 20%, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, hazelnuts 3%, brandy, cocoa powder, invert sugar syrup, alcohol, emulsifier: lecithins; humectants: invertase, glycerin.

Allergens: Contains milk and its derivatives , Soybean and its derivatives , Almond and almond products , Pistachio and pistachio products ,Hazelnut and hazelnut products.

Seal of quality: UTZ Certified

Manufacturer information: Paul Reber GmbH & Co. KG Reber Spezialitäten,Ludwigstr. 10-12,83435 Bad Reichenhall,DE

Warnings: May Contain milk, wheat, egg, soy and traces of other nuts.MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF OTHER NUTS, WHEAT, EGG AND SOY.

Storage conditions: The following storage conditions must be observed: 60-65°F and 60-70% relative humidity.

Instructions for use: Please remove foil before consumption.

Nutritional information:

  per 100 g
Energy ~ 1971 kJ /~ 472 kcal
of which saturates fat
~ 28.5 g
~ 11.1 g
of which Sugar
~ 45.9 g
~ 43 g
Protein ~ 8 g
Salt ~ 0.1 g