Mugler Angel Nova Eau de Parfum 30 ml Refillable

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  • Brand: Mugler
  • Product No: 1479520 / 30000536

ANGEL NOVA is the newest star in the MUGLER universe. A fragrance for a modern heroine, who makes her dreams a reality and reality a dream. ANGEL NOVA reveals SUPERFEMININITY, between pleasure and confidence. A captivating Eau de Parfum created from the thrilling fusion of a deliciously fruity scent, an exclusive MUGLER rose, and powerful, modern wood. The dazzling combination of pleasure and self-affirmation, thanks to a Fruity Floral Woody Eau de Parfum. - The overdose of Raspberry notes brings color and life to the fragrance. - The alliance between nature and innovation creates an ultimate femininity. The Damask rose is enhanced by a double extraction to obtain an intoxicating natural rose, mixed with a new, supernatural rose essence created from upcycling* and biotechnology. A textured and sensual MUGLER rose. - A woody structure of Akigalawood and Benzoin provide a contrast and an assertive personality. The iconic star-shaped bottle is seen through a new light: a vibrant and luminous raspberry pink gradient dress, which celebrates ANGEL NOVA’s daring desire to reinvent itself. The ANGEL NOVA Star Bottle is endlessly refillable thanks to its Refill Bottle.