Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks Roaring Series

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Vehicles in the Hot Wheels™ Monster Trucks Roaring Cars™ collection offer exciting crashing and crashing action, enriched with light and sound surprises. 1:43 scale vehicles feature giant wheels and magnificent graphics exclusive to the Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks brand. When you press the button, you will hear not only the engine and crash sounds, but also the promotional music of each hero vehicle, just like you are in a live show. Additionally, lights shine through the windows of each Monster Trucks vehicle. Kids will be eager to add all the vehicles to their collection and host competitions at home with sound effects (each sold separately). Colors and decorations may vary.

Roaring Cars™, fan-favorite characters, promises lifelike Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks experiences with lights and sounds.
In the collection; Includes Bone Shaker™, Tiger Shark, HW Demo Derby™ and Race Ace™ models (each sold separately). Press the button and hear engine sounds and crash effects, as well as the character's introduction music.
The light filtering through the cabin brings realism to the action excitement.
1:43 scale vehicles are ideal for young fans. It has huge wheels and tasteful decorative designs that appeal to Monster Trucks enthusiasts.
Hot Wheels™ Monster Trucks Roaring Cars™ are the perfect gift for kids ages 3 and up who want to add impressive sound effects to their crashing and crashing action.

Box Content: Includes 1 Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks Roaring Car™.