Davidoff Cool Water Reborn Eau de Parfum 100 ml

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  • Brand: Davidoff Parfums
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“They say you only live once. But they never say how many times you can be reborn.” First ‘born’ thirty years ago, Davidoff Cool Water fragrances led a revolution in perfumery. A legendary olfactive signature combining freshness, power and hedonism. Since that auspicious birth, Davidoff Cool Water Man has regenerated itself again and again and today Davidoff Cool Water emerges reborn in the form of a captivating fougère fragrance. Discover COOL WATER REBORN men’s Eau De Parfum, the Rise of an intensely fresh aromatic woody fragrance. The fusion of Galbanum and cedar wood blends with the elegant sensuality of vetiver, responsibly sourced on the island of Haiti.