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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Order & Collect?
Order & Collect is ATÜ Duty Free’s new sub-brand for pre-order system over the internet.
How can I reach Order & Collect?
It can be reached via or address, telephone, tablet and laptop. It will also be avaliable in mobile for iOS and Android platforms in the future.
Where is Order & Collect valid at?
It’s valid at our stores in Istanbul Atatürk, İzmir, Ankara, Bodrum-Milas, Gazipaşa-Alanya airports.
What’s the latest time to place an order?
2 hours before the flight.
Where will the orders be delivered at?
At selected places for Order & Collect; Main 1 TAV Passport paying counter at Istanbul Atatürk Airport departure floor and Arrival1 Store on the arrival floor. As for Izmir (A2 for arrival), and selected store paying counters in Bodrum and Gazipaşa airports.
What type of products are on Order & Collect?
Parfume, make-up, skin care, accessories, chocolate and sugar confectionary. The stocks in the stores are displayed live. Alcohol and cigarettes are not displayed due to legal regulations.
How will possible price changes affect my order?
In the user contract, it is mentioned that the store prices will be valid.

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